Embossed Chrome Polyester Labels #1 in Series

Embossing Chrome Polyester

This is the first in a series of four articles exploring options in embossing chrome polyester (chrome Mylar®) to create dimensional metal looking labels for product identification.  The embossing process uses a custom die to create a three dimensional image by squeezing the plastic material and raising the image.  It is one of the final steps in manufacturing a nameplate or label.  All decoration is applied to the plastic substrate before to the embossing operation.  Decoration is protected with either a topcoat, dome or laminated cap. Precise registration of printed decoration to embossed details is achieved through a combination of printer marks and guides. 

      Brinks TowingSaddleco

Visual Emboss with Laminated Cap

These labels use embossed graphics to draw attention to the brand. Note that the text is either capitalizing on the bright chrome color or transparent tint. Unlike embossing on aluminum, when embossing chrome Mylar®, it is very subtle. Typical embossed graphics range in height from .001" to .003". It is not recommended to emboss opaque graphics since the height is minimal and not able to be seen once the protective cap is laminated to the surface.

A laminated clear cap provides protection for the decoration and ensures label durability. Most designs call for a high gloss. There is opportunity to review for a matte finish for the cap as well if a low gloss is more desirable.

Material Options

Standard polyester (Melinex®, Mylar®) materials are available in the following options and thicknesses. Color options are the base color - your artwork determines the final design.

Base Color
Bright Chrome
Brushed Chrome    

Material Thickness
 .003" - .007"
 .002" - .008"
 .002" - .008"
 .002" - .008" 

How would you incorporate a visual emboss on your label? We can help! 
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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels