5 Resources to Make You Better at Nameplate Design

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No beating around the bush - designing for brand awareness in the form of nameplates, labels and trim can be downright mind boggling! Don't get discouraged. You are not alone in this endeavor. 

Sometimes it is difficult to identify exactly which questions to ask during the design process. This is where reference materials come in handy. Skim to the appropriate section and then soak in the details so that your knowledge grows. With that growth comes positive results and attractive brand identity.

Quick Reference Nameplate and Trim Resources

The most common considerations, tolerances and best practices have been compiled into reference material listed below. Topics including color, substrate and decorating options, tooling and surface decorating can be reveiwed. Each is available for download to keep at your fingertips for quick reference. 

1. Color Guide - Explanation, comparison and illustrations as a guide through color translation and options on aluminum.

2. NP Options Whitepaper - Walk through substrates and decorating options for aluminum nameplates, polycarbonate overlays and plastic decals.

3. Aluminum Nameplate Tooling Guide - Review aluminum tooling operations including basic stamp as well as complex emboss and form.

4. Stock Dies - Selection of common shape and sizes of aluminum tooling dies available for production purposes.

5. Surface Collection eBooks - Explore the diversity of aluminum finishes grouped together based on color, theme or structure.

Top 10 Surface Collections - Compilation of the most popular finishes on aluminum.
Silver Surface Collections - Selection of patterns and textures building from the natural silver color of aluminum surfaces.
3D Surface Collections - Three dimensional themes interpreted into aluminum finishes.
Woven Surface Collections - Woven structures seen in carbon fiber, mesh and papers provide inspiration for decoration on aluminum. 
Micro Surface Collections - Aluminum patterns featuring small scale and very close alignment.
Patina Surface Collections - Patinaed finishes on aluminum showcase craftsmanship and character.
Powerful Surface Collections - Finishes on aluminum with intense, bold structures compiled into an eBook for use as reference material.
Linear Surface Collection
 - Finishes on aluminum with linear structures from classic straight to organic and whimsical lines.

Nameplate Design in Application

These resources are tools to use as you develop your product and brand identification. The possibilities are endless. Now that you have reviewed the various resources available for download you should feel empowered to move forward with your aluminum nameplate or plastic label project. 

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Editor's note - this article was first published in February 2014 and has been updated with current resource offerings. 



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