6 Considerations for Aluminum Nameplate Tooling

Aluminum Tooling Considerations

Aluminum nameplates require tooling in order to cut the metal into the shape and perhaps to take on the form that is needed for your design. A basic shape like a circle, oval or square may be able to take advantage of a flat or 3D formed stock die. If not, a custom tool will be needed. There are 6 basic questions to consider for any project. Aluminum_Tooling_Considerations

• What type of shape is needed?
• What are the dimensions of the part? 
• Are there embossed/debossed graphics? 
• Is there need for a formed over edge?
• Does the nameplate or label need to take on the shape/contour of your product?
• What type of attachment to the end product will be used?

The answers to each question should be shown on your print and provided along with your artwork when request for quotation is submitted. Each of these help to be sure that all of the necessary tooling operations are accounted for. Tooling can be a cost driver for your initial investment. These areas also provide opportunity for review, discussion and collaboration to ensure the most economical and functional design.

Understanding the geometry and dimensional requirements is part of the review. Your first order timing will be subject to lead time needed to build the tool. The more complex the geometry, the more cost and longer build time is required.

The basic element of tooling needed to produce aluminum nameplates starts with a blank die. Dimension can be added by including emboss and form dies. A form die may also be used to create a finished nameplate or trim overlay which follows the contour of the end product. Each project is considered unique should be reviewed before production.

Maximize Tooling

Once a tool is identified, take advantage of the shape and use it across your product lines. The investment made to create a tool can be carried across multiple models and used for facelift designs. Many customers use this as the avenue to have a recognizable shape for their logo, or to carry the brand across similar types of products, targeted to different demographics.

What questions do you have regarding tooling? Let us help!

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