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Aluminum Namplate Tooling GuideAluminum Nameplate Tooling Guide

You've spent time and energy designing a product and coming up with just the right graphic and maybe a tagline to promote your brand online and in brochures or store displays. What about the product itself? Is your brand clearly identified? If these questions makes you cringe - don't worry. You have options! Aluminum is a great substrate to work with and is friendly for most designs and products. To help work through options for the cutting out of your nameplate, the Aluminum Nameplate Tooling Guide has been compiled.

You will learn:

  • The types of tooling operations available for nameplate projects
  • Standard tolerances needed for cut, emboss and forming dies
  • The importance of understanding the geometry of a project

This guide is meant as a high level overview. It does not take the place of discussion and review with Tool Engineers. 

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