Distressed Finishes for Aluminum Nameplates

Distressed Finishes on Aluminum

A finish structure which seems to come to life quite often is to have a product appear to be worn or aged. It can be seen on archery productsPOP displays, and furniture. This distressed, or patina look adds a certain distinguishing flair to the perceived value of a product. Your nameplate or branding can carry this same look. Aluminum is a great substrate to use for this since it is friendly for color decoration to achieve the looks of other metals like brass or pewter. 

Distressed Finishes on Aluminum

Custom Patterns

Many options exist to customize distressed or patina finishes for your nameplate and label application. Incorporate as full background finish for your label, or use it as an accent for a specific area to draw attention. The degree of scratch or worn elements can be increased or decreased. Color can be tweaked to fit your palette. 

Here are some examples of aluminum nameplates which include distressed finishes.

distressed finish on aluminum nameplate distressed finish on stainless steel

distressed finish on aluminumdistressed finish on aluminum with lens

Can your brand benefit from using custom patterns? Let's review further and find out!


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