Consistent Branding across Multiple Product Lines

Branding across Multiple Product Lines

Your name is your mark for your product.  Likely you want that mark to be recognizable and distinguishable from other competing products on the shelf or in the marketplace.  When you have multiple product lines, consistency in your labeling helps to reinforce your brand, your name, your mark.  

Two areas to keep in mind for consistency is your artwork and tooling.  These elements carry your name and look across your product lines.  Keeping them similar reinforces your brand.  Differentiate between the products and simplify your inventory control by assigning unique part numbers to each design. 


Changes in the color or graphics can be used to distinguish between product lines.  This is a cost effective option because once your artwork is created, the change in color requires little or no cost for new preparations.  Changes in graphics require minimal preparation cost.   

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Once a tool is identified, take advantage of the geometry and use it across your product lines. Many customers use this as the avenue to have a recognizable shape for their logo, or to carry the brand across similar types of products, targeted to different demographics.  Only the initial cost of building the tool is needed - sharing it has no up front tooling cost for the next part.

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Artwork and tooling are two areas that can be controlled to ensure consistency for your brand.  These considerations allow you the flexibility to have different looks for various product lines or demographics in your target market.  

Now that you have reviewed the options available in artwork and tooling to keep your brand consistent across multiple products and product lines, how do you plan to use them?

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