Basic Adhesive Options for a Nameplate or Badge

nameplates-with-adhesiveWhen designing your nameplate focus is placed on front face decorating such as color and embossed graphics. Size and shape are other main focus points. It can be easy to put off discussion and review for adhesive needs. 

No matter if you are designing a flat metal nameplate, backlit polycarbonate overlay or a formed piece of decorative trim, adhesive should be one of the checklist discussion items. 

A wide range of adhesives are available in nameplate manufacturing. Common specifications call for the 3M brand. Equivalent alternatives can be identified as well. Recommendations are made based on the substrate the nameplate is applied to and the specific guidelines the bond needs to meet. 

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Many applications and environments for nameplates, labels and badges will find pressure sensitive adhesive to be a good solution. This type is also referred to as peel and stick given that the adhesive is supplied with either a liner which is peeled off before placing the part onto the end product and using a degree of pressure to have it stick in place. This adhesive can be overall or selectively applied depending on the needs for formed badges, wiped down edges or backlit graphics. 

pull tab or tear tab can be used to ease in the removal of the liner during assembly. The liner can also be slit to simplify the assembly process.

Heat Activated Adhesive

Certain surfaces or applications will not respond to pressure alone. For these instances, a heat activated adhesive can be reviewed. This type is also referred to as thermo bond given that temperature, pressure and dwell time combine to achieve the bond between the nameplate or decorated trim and the product housing. This adhesive can also be overall or selectively applied depending on the design requirements.


Understanding the basics of options for sticking a nameplate or badge to your product is part of the design process. Early communication with clear understanding of the environment and application needs is ideal and will help to keep cost reviews at a minimum. 

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