4 Ways to Make a Flat Aluminum Nameplate Stand Out

A common question when working with companies to develop attention-grabbing nameplates and emblems is how to make a flat aluminum nameplate stand out without incurring additional tooling expense? Designers and buyers alike look for cost effective solutions. Below are some options which keep cost in check while providing the end result of catching the eye of a customer.

Aluminum Nameplate Decoration

1. Contrast between background and graphics - Use contrasting opaque or metallic color background with bright aluminum or transparent color graphics. Visual depth is achieved by the aluminum reflecting light in the bright or transparent areas. 

selective gloss aluminum nameplate

silver metallic with transparent tint aluminum

2. Selective brushed aluminum - The bright areas catch the light. When varying directions of brush is used a bevel look can be achieved.

selective brushed aluminum nameplate

brushed aluminum with bright graphicsblue metallic with multi-direction brush aluminum

3. Mechanical finish - Use Spun or Engine Striped aluminum background with opaque or transparent colors for detail. Movement in the aluminum creates interest and the illusion of height.

     spun aluminum nameplate, golf club insert


engine stripe aluminum, motorcycle badge 

4. Drop shadows - Use a drop shadow behind opaque graphics.  Dimension is achieved through the look of multiple levels.


drop shadow aluminum nameplate

drop shadow brushed aluminum nameplate

Possibilities exist for flat aluminum nameplates to maximize the decoration processes and keep tooling investment at a minimum. Simple combinations and contrasts can result in value-added impressions for your brand awareness. 


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How will your next nameplate design stand out from the competition? Let's find out!

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