Achieve Contrast using Metallic Finishes for Nameplates and Labels

Metallic Inks for Nameplates and Labels

Are you working on your brand identity and struggling with how to differentiate between background decoration and your graphics? You are not alone. This is a common question. A cost effective solution is to incorporate metallic inks to create contrast between the background and graphics. 

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Metallic inks are developed using a base color enhanced with metal pigments in the form of a fleck, powder or paste ranging from fine to coarse metallic look and feel. The more metal pigment that is used, the more coarse the finish. Popular colors for metallic inks are silver, gray and gold. However, nearly any color could be interpreted and developed as a metallic ink. 

The use of metallic ink continues to be a popular choice across markets and products including boat gauges, bicycle trimfurniture labels and appliance trim.

Cost Effective Contrast

Metallic inks are many times used to create a tone-on-tone effect. This is cost effective because the natural matte look that is achieved with the metallic ink contrasts with aluminum. The result is appealing to the eye without causing distraction to the design.

Could your nameplate or label benefit from using metallic inks for contrast? Let's find out!

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