Nameplate Blog Articles of Interest from 2013

I took a few minutes to review topics posted in 2013 and found these to be most helpful based on the number of views and clicks for more information. The articles have been grouped into categories for your review. Enjoy! 

Exterior Application

 exterior automotive badge    

Precise Alignment for Exterior Automotive Badge
Aluminum automotive badge features custom carrier and adhesive backing for optimal and precise alignment to the vehicle.    

formed aluminum trim

Stylish Aluminum Bicycle Nameplate
The form of this aluminum nameplate fits precisely on the bicycle shaft, allowing for longevity of the attachment and a clean design.

under the hood badges on aluminum

Considerations in Under the Hood Badge Design
Protective topcoats and robust adhesives are used in the design of durable aluminum under the hood badges which stand up to harsh environments.  


Metal and Plastic Processes

 backlit polycarbonate    

3 Backliit Graphic Options for Polycarbonate Overlays
Backlit graphics are achieved with transparent tints of color on polycarbonate material for use as communication and alert indicators for gauges and instrumentation overlays.    

 mechanical finish on aluminum trim


Understanding Mechanical Finishes on Aluminum Nameplates
Mechanical finishes can be used to enhance and increase the perceived value for aluminum nameplates. Walk through options in spin, brush, engine turn and engine stripe.

 screened color on aluminum badge


10 Options in Nameplate Decoration on Aluminum
Options for decorating aluminum nameplates and labels from screen printing to doming processes. 

motorcycle badging

Cost Effective Alternative to Die Cast Emblem
NECODome process offers ability to have the look of die cast elements and durability to stand up to exposure to the elements.  



tiny nameplates and labels

20 Inspiring Tiny Nameplates and Labels
Tiny sized aluminum nameplates and plastic labels showcase brands with precision and detail.    


tabbed aluminum

9 Examples of Tabbed Aluminum or Stainless Steel Nameplates
Aluminum and stainless steel nameplates, emblems and badges can benefit from tabs for location and alignment on the end product.

aluminum business card


4 Ways to Promote Yourself using Aluminum
Overview of options to use aluminum for self promotion, from matchbox covers to business cards, book marks to custom invitations.

 pierced aluminum tag


20 Awesome Pierced Aluminum Nameplates Labels and Tags
Pierced aluminum allows for functional and decorative options to enhance brand awareness.  

 What topics would you like to see covered in 2014? Share below!

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