10 Options in Nameplate Decoration on Aluminum

Nameplate Decoration Options

Nameplate decoration has endless options.  Depending on the goal of your nameplate, this can be as simple as one color printed on a bright aluminum background.  Or it can be as complex as precise registration of embossed graphics with a textured background on a formed surface. 

Here are 10 examples to help illustrate some of the options.  Enjoy.


1)      Screen print provides bold, rich colors.

Manitowoc Ice Machine bold color on aluminum nameplate

2)      Lithograph printing blends colors and achieves delicate graphic detail.

Body and Soul cosmetic compact insert printed graphics on aluminum  

3)      Chemical etch creates lasting impressions.

Deep etch graphics on aluminum engine cover nameplate

4)      Textures with trendy patterns add perceived dimension.

  Promega aluminum nameplate

5)      Multi-direction brush creates movement.

 Callaway golf nameplate

6)      Mechanical spin or stripe creates visual depth.

MACK truck horn emblem, spun aluminum badge

7)      Engine turn grabs attention.

Trek Madone bicycle emblem  

8)      Diamond cut adds brilliance and reflection.
Beckman Coulter diamond cut aluminum label
9)      Doming creates dimension and jewel-like appearance.
Sunkist domed aluminum nameplate
10)   Gloss level draws attention to your brand.  

 HON furniture aluminum nameplate

Now that you've seen some of the options available for nameplate decoration, which will your next project use?


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