Four Ways to Use Spin in Your Nameplate

Spun Aluminum Nameplates

spun aluminum nameplates

Spin is added to aluminum nameplates to create natural movement.  The mechanical finish reflects light creating natural highlights and shadows in the metal.  The most typical application of the spin process is to use it in the background of a round nameplate or dial. 

A spin doesn't need to be limited to the background of circular nameplates and dials.  The subtle movement created with spin can be used in other ways to create unique looks on nameplates.  This article will cover four applications for the spin process on nameplates. 

Options for Integrating Spin into Nameplates

  1. Spin background of a round dial:
  2. Spin background of an oval or square nameplate:
  3. Spin graphics:
  4. Spin accent area or logo:

Spin Background of Round Nameplates

spun aluminum background

Spin is a mechanical process which abrades the surface of the metal.  A printed mask can be used to apply spin selectively leaving areas of bright aluminum.  In addition, transparent tints of color are available to be printed on spin in a full range of colors.

Spin Background of Oval Nameplate or Other Shapes

blue V spun logo

Spin is not limited to application on circular parts.  Very interesting results can be achieved when applying a spin to an oval, square or triangle.

Spin Graphics

Dell adamo badge

Using spin in small letters and borders disguises the spin.  The graphics take on an almost holographic effect.  When combined with embossing, this is an attractive alternative to diamond cutting.

Spin Accent Area or Logo

selective spin on aluminum nameplate

The natural instinct is to place a spin in the center of a nameplate.  Placing the spin off center creates unique looks.  The off center spin might be used as a background or to highlight a logo.

What are some of your favorite spun nameplates?  What makes them stand out in your mind? 

Request samples of spun nameplates to begin exploring the options available to you in nameplate design.



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