In-mold Decorated Nameplate

In-mold components may be used to incorporate functional graphics, brand names and logos into plastic components.  The In-mold Decoration (IMD) process may also be used for purely decorative components or trim.

In-mold Process for Product Identification

in-mold decorated Kenmore nameplate

The Kenmore nameplate uses the in-mold decoration process to create a nameplate with durable graphics integrated into a dimensional product branding solution.  No adhesive is needed for assembly since the part is designed to snap fit.  The nameplate is manufactured in three colorways.  Overlay graphics are modified prior to insertion in the mold.  Colored resin is injected into the mold encapsulating the graphics.

Request samples of nameplates and trim which use the in-mold decoration process to begin exploring the options available to you in product design.



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