Pierced Nameplates | Thinking Beyond Circles and Squares

Pierced openings in aluminum and stainless steel nameplates, labels and dials typically serve a functional purpose.  The pierced holes are often round and used for attachment purposes.  Pierced holes are used for riveting or the centerpost of a gauge.  What happens when you think beyond the typical use of this functional process?

Aluminum Hang Tags

         metal hang tags

Pierced openings aren't limited to being round or square.  These metal hang tags feature a detailed figure pierced in the aluminum.  Thick aluminum is printed on both sides creating a unique custom tag. 

The metal tags are one example of thinking beyond the typical use of materials and processes used in product branding.  What other examples come to mind?  How might you use pierced openings in a decorative or unexpected way?

Request samples of metal hang tags or pierced openings to begin exploring the options available to you.



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