Top 10 Takeaways: Nameplate Design

Northern Engraving highlights our top 10 key messages from the first year of our Nameplate Blog for nameplate, label and emblem design.

10 nameplate designs

  1. Flat - Highlighting options in decorating aluminum, this alternative to embossing celebrates high impact product branding.
  2. Brush - We love brushed aluminum as a background finish or to add movement to a nameplate.
  3. Spin - The perfect highlight to a circular badge, applied selectively or overall.
  4. Color - Either as an opaque or transparent, color creates impact and draws your attention in.
  5. Metallics - Reflecting the interest in sandblast finishes on metal, this option continues to be a popular one.
  6. Gloss - Clear coats in full gloss or matte finish are the finishing touch.
  7. Texture - A library of patterns available to add interest and detail to your design.
  8. Emboss - The answer for adding dimension, seen here on the Infinity badge in a multi-level emboss.
  9. Adhesive - The workhorse of nameplate application design, but only one option in attachment of your product branding.
  10. Testing - A key consideration early on in the development of product identification.

Nameplate Materials & Processes Guide

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