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Decorative nameplates and emblems are focus design elements for most consumer products. Getting just the right look for a brand is important in order to have your message speak and to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. What about other component labels? Do you find yourself sourcing multiple label suppliers? What if you could get all your labels and name plates or trim from one place? Good news! This is absolutely possible. Here are some areas in which having one label and nameplate supplier can make your life easier.                  

Color Development

Once developed for your nameplate or trim, the color can be referenced from part to part. Call out standard Pantone colors or provide a target for color development. This provides consistency across product decoration and enforces your brand in the marketplace.

Substrate Options

No matter if your project is simply looking for a badge with your logo or if you need to include warning labels or asset tags on your product, the possibilities are wide open to identify the most economical substrate. Your specifications, exterior or interior application, as well as the type of surface that the aluminum trim or plastic decal will bond to are all elements to consider. This helps to keep your costs at a minimum while meeting your design intent. 

Decorating Options

Screen printing and lithography are common decorating processes between metal and plastic substrates. From these basic techniques, each material can be further enhanced with doming, chemical processing and tooling to create memorable labels and nameplates for your brand. Take things to another level by mixing materials for premium looks like backlit aluminum. This provides an open palette of choices to get the right look for your parts. 


Coordinate delivery with one delivery schedule so that parts ship together whether you utilize common carrier or special LTL truck pickup. This keeps logistics and freight costs at a minimum.


Purchase orders placed with one supplier for all your nameplate needs allow processing of invoices and payments with same payment terms and accounting notes. This helps your administrative processes.

Maximize Capabilities

Take advantage of over 100 years of process knowledge and maximize production capabilities across your label needs - from decorative trim, to branded nameplates, to caution labels and ID tags. Sourcing with one supplier can help streamline administrative processes, consolidate logistics and keep consistency in branding across product lines. 

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