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One of the most common background decoration for nameplates, badges and trim is a brushed aluminum finish. Why? Here are five reasons to use brushed aluminum in your next design.
Brushed Metal Nameplates Add Percieved Value to your Product A brushed metal surface is popular because it is an authentic metal surface. It is a mechanical process which abrades the surface of the metal. Brushed aluminum is a common background for nameplates and brand identification.
Many times we are asked for options in creating dimension at a minimum cost for nameplates and labels. Just look at the dimension created when a technical pattern is used in the background of this aluminum nameplate! The brushed border appears to be a higher level than the background, resulting in ...
From our homes to yours - may peace, joy, hope and happiness be yours this Holiday Season and New Year!
A common request with aluminum nameplates to make the logo come to life and draw attention to the brand. One way to do this is with decorating processes to create a three-dimensional look. Layers of brushed aluminum can be combined with printed colors and halftones to achieve visual dimension.
When this exterior badge came across my desk I had to stop and take a second look. It is an example of how a larger nameplate can become an elegant show piece for a brand.
Movement with Spun Aluminum Each year Northern Engraving provides decorated aluminum ornaments for a local charity which then sells the items for decoration and in memory of loved ones. This year's design features spun aluminum layered with selective brushed details and transparent purple tones. It ...
Brushed Aluminum = Simulated Beveled Emboss It never ceases to amaze me how many options there are to decorated aluminum surfaces to end up with highly decorative pieces of eye-candy. A flat piece of metal that starts out quite plain and gray becomes transformed into a bright focus piece with ...
Engine Turned Aluminum = Nameplates that Move The ability to grab attention for nameplates and brand identification is a big deal. One way to do this is with engine turned aluminum. Aluminum nameplates decorated with engine turn reflect a sporty and active look which grabs attention. Transparent ...

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