Brushed Aluminum Creates Beveled Looks on Aluminum

Brushed Aluminum = Simulated Beveled Emboss 

It never ceases to amaze me how many options there are to decorated aluminum surfaces to end up with highly decorative pieces of eye-candy. A flat piece of metal that starts out quite plain and gray becomes transformed into a bright focus piece with movement and dimension. Mechanical finishing such as brushing means that illusions of complex emboss tooling operations can be achieved. When combined with transparent tints of color, an elegant look can be achieved. 

This Holiday card from years ago provides great example using brushed aluminum as the foundation. This flat piece has three dimensional twinkling stars and shimmering trees. Transparent tints of gold and green allow the metal to show through and play as the light angle changes. A simple design that speaks of richness and luxury.


Brushed aluminum is just the beginning of possiblities for mechanical finishing options to decorate nameplates and trim. Spin, engine turn and engine stripe offer additional looks and ways to dress up your design. Any of these can be combined with traditional printing and screening processes to give your brand identfication a boost.

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