Multi-Level Dimension for Nameplates without Complex Tooling

Embossed Graphics = Custom Tool for Nameplates and Labels? Not always.

A dimensional logo can be cause for nameplate tooling to be complex. This in turn can be a cost driver for the first production run due to the upfront tool cost needed. Budgets can be tight and not friendly for this type of investment. Does this mean your nameplate or label design needs to be compromised? Not at all. In fact, with some creative artwork it is possible to give the impression of multiple levels and embossed features without taking a big hit to your budget


Fine detail, shading and tones are all decorative elements that come together to show dimension for this label. These are all further enhanced with a urethane dome. The product logo has the appearance of an embossed cube even though the actual label is flat. 

The blending of colors using four color process is a great example of how subtle the color combinations can be. It also demonstrates the amount of depth and perceived dimension that can be seen. Incorporating this type of decoration into your nameplate design can save money for your budget.

While this label is produced on a plastic polyester substrate, the same dimensional effect can be achieved with aluminum. Selective gloss, contrasting colors and mechanical finishes create visual depth and movement which are factors in showing dimension.

Can your product identification be reviewed for opportunity to show dimension? Let's talk!

Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels