Enhance Aluminum Nameplates with Patterns

Background Patterns Enhance Aluminum Nameplates

On the surface, nameplate design seems fairly straightford. Your company logo simply is printed onto a substrate so that you can put a label on your product. What do you do if you want something more than a cookie cutter nameplate for your product identification? Consider using a background pattern to enhance your design.



Pattern Options

This Holiday card from 2006 shows a number of options to use a pattern to enhance aluminum decoration for nameplates and trim. All of the patterns in this example use silver and gray tones. Don't feel limited by color. Drop in an accent color or change it to something else completely. 

Structure is another option to consider for pattern and finish development. Lines, weaves, dots, grids, swirls - Pretty much whatever you can imagine can be used to enhance the background of aluminum emblems. Add interest or create contrast to make your brand stand out.

The sky is the limit! A library of thousands of finishes is available for inspiration. Check it out in the Surface Collection Gallery.

Can your brand benefit from using a pattern? Let's find out!


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