5 Reasons Brushed Aluminum is Used for Nameplates and Trim

One of the most common background decoration for nameplates, badges and trim is a brushed aluminum finish. Why? Here are five reasons to use brushed aluminum in your next design.

brushed_aluminum_group.jpgWhy is Brushed Aluminum such a Popular Finish for Nameplates and Trim?
  1. It provides a clean and finished look with an authentic material. The brushed silver color and detail are popular decorative elements for product housing.  
  2. You can add any color for background, graphics or text. Transparent tints can be used over the background to achieve the look of brass or copper. Opaque colors are common callouts for logos and tag lines. Metallic colors can be used in accent areas for interest.
  3. Brushed aluminum can be combined with other mechanical finishes like spun aluminum for perceived depth and dimension. This can increase perceived value and visual interest to the product. 
  4. Aluminum can be formed to fit the contour of product housing. It can also be embossed or debossed to achieve height and dimension.
  5. Brushed aluminum can be applied selectively as well as at varying angles to create movement and visual depth to the surface of the aluminum. Layers and different angles of brush result in dimensional background finishes

When you are looking for an authentic material to enhance your product design, consider brushed aluminum. It is friendly for decoration and tooling operations including blank, emboss and form. 

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