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You've designed a great product and now have the challenge in front of you to release it to the public. What makes your brand stand out from the next one on the shelf? This is a common concern voiced by brand owners in every industry and on just about every consumer product out there. Visually appealing aluminum labels and badges can increase your brand awareness and draw customers to your product versus your competition. 

Reviewing samples in person or looking at image after image online can make you feel like you are in a candy store with all the endless options! Before you know it, your head is spinning and you start experiencing that sugar-high which ultimately leaves you dazed and confused. 

Don't give in to that whirlwind feeling. Instead, take a deep breath and use this quick checklist to keep your nameplate design in perspective.

3 Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Aluminum Nameplate Decoration Process

  1. What is the purpose for your nameplate?
    Keep the purpose of the part in mind so that you don't overdo the design. Asset or ID tags which provide product information or instructions typically can benefit from basic decorating processes like lithography or screen printing. Nameplates and badges which are showcasing a brand or company logo may require more attention and enhanced decorating processes such as doming or diamond cutting.
  2. What type of environment will the name plate be exposed to?
    Is your product used indoors or outside? Is there exposure to chemicals or cleaners? Will the nameplate be exposed to hot or cold temperatures? These are all important to know so that the correct top coats and surface treatments are used in production. The more information you can provide, the better the outcome for a quality emblem.
  3. How much does your budget allow for branding?
    It's important to identify how much money is available in your project for branding. Projects with low budgets typically will want to explore designs using one or two colors to keep costs at a minimum. Two-toned nameplates are cost effective solutions. Selective areas of texture, brush, spin or other mechanical finish can be used for accent or dimensional looks. Piece price will increase as more processes are used. 


Aluminum nameplates and emblems have wide open possibilities for the look and the message that is given in the marketplace. Whether you are designing or sourcing for a basic asset tag or need that premium look at me brand awareness badge, take time to evaluate your branding objective, type of environment that your nameplate will be exposed to and your budget. Doing so will keep your perspective in check and result in the best solution for your product identification.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2014 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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