Metal ID Tags and Asset Labels

Aluminum and Steel Industrial Identification Plates

Metal substrates are a durable option when your product needs a nameplate or label that withstands harsh environments.  Processes are chosen based on your end application and the specifications that your product requires.  Manufacturing processes available on metal for your ID tag or label include:

  • Chemical etch: fixed text, custom logos, graphics 
  • Emboss: fixed text, custom logos, graphics 
  • Etch & fill: adds durable color to an etched area
  • Laser etch: sequential numbers or barcodes
  • Screen print: custom matched colors
  • Stamp: stock dies or custom shapes

ID tags and labels are available with adhesive backing, holes or slots for easy attachment to your product.  These heavy duty tags are typically manufactured out of aluminum or steel.

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Do you have a severe environment for your product and need an ID plate?  Let's talk!

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