Backlit Aluminum Gauges

Mixed Material: Faceplates, Gauges, Clusters and Dials

Backlit aluminum dials are in demand for the aesthetic qualities and functionality they bring to gauge design.  Backlit gauges and dials are manufactured using a combination of a decorated aluminum overlay and a polycarbonate backer with deadfront and backlit graphics.  A pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied to the polycarbonate dial for final application to the product.  The aluminum and polycarbonate pieces are laminated together creating an eye-catching integrated dial.

Aluminum dials can be decorated with mechanical finishes, transparent tints and metallic colors.  Adding a spin to the metal dial creates movement.  Embossed details accent the dial and are reminiscent of a watchmakers attention to detail.  Fine graphics can be embossed and diamond cut further adding to the precision look.  Technical finishes and textures integrated into dials create an endless palette of possibilities for your dial.  Additional options include forming the aluminum dial and integrating multiple dials into one part. 

Backlit aluminum gauges allow a designer to carry the decorative theme used on aluminum trim across the gauge design.  Our expertise in decorating both metal and plastic substrates allows you to design a metal dial with the functionality of backlit and deadfront graphics.

What type of finish would you add to a backlit aluminum dial for your product?

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