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This nameplate made me take a second look when I saw it on the line in our manufacturing plant. The subtle detail for the distressed or worn aluminum background adds such a level of personality to an otherwise simplistic oval shape.
Glitz and bling are wonderful things to grab attention in the world. The bigger the jewel, the higher the perceived value for a piece of luxury jewelry. There are times however when a simple, understated design presents a premium brand as elegant and above the rest.
When it comes to the design of aluminum badges and branding the main element of discussion is usually the top surface which is where the logo or tagline will be placed. Another design element is what the sides of the badge will look like. Many times it will be important for the badge to have a ...
I saw this furniture tag and had to take a second look. It's not very big and does not have any glitz or bright colors. Yet there is a rich and elegant look to it. This is definitely one of my new favorites!
It is common for a dimensional look to be part of nameplate design. While standard printing processes can provide a visual dimension sometimes that is not enough. When this is the case you can review for custom tooling to include an emboss or deboss operation which will result in both visual and ...
Power sports equipment, all terrain or utility terrain vehicles and motorcycles need to be able to stand up to exposure to the elements and rough environments. This does not mean that the branding for these should be left to simple stickers or flimsy decals.
Designers with multiple models or tier levels for their product can sometimes get overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with a nameplate or badge to differentiate between the various options. It isn't long before the topic of tool cost becomes a point of concern. This rings true if we are ...
Working with designers and engineers for automotive interior trim presents projects which can push the boundaries for tooling and decoration on aluminum. In depth discussions with engineers to make sure dimensions are in line with forming tolerances take place. Similar conversations with styling ...
Are you looking for a way to show dimension in your nameplate or label but the budget does not have room to include a multi-level emboss tool? You are not alone. Keeping costs down is a common concern when designing a nameplate or badge.

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