Clean and Simple Nameplate for Premium Electronics

Audeze headphone - LCD4.jpgGlitz and bling are wonderful things to grab attention in the world. The bigger the jewel, the higher the perceived value for a piece of luxury jewelry. There are times however when a simple, understated design presents a premium brand as elegant and above the rest.

For this set of premium audio headphones a premium look was needed in order to convey the right message to the target market. These headphones are not targeted to the hip teenager. Instead they are meant to be used by serious professionals in the audio industry. Therefore they are marketed as luxury and premium pieces of equipment that not just everyone will have.

The aluminum nameplate that showcases their name and logo is not in your face and screaming to gain your attention. Instead it sits in a slightly recessed area, the low gloss black background with embossed aluminum graphics and border blending in nicely with the product housing for a soft display of the brand. 

embossed aluminum nameplate for electronic audio headphonesMake an Impact with Aluminum Nameplates

When designing your nameplate or label, consider how you want your product to be perceived. Do you need the bright lights and fanfare or can you speak to your market with soft and subtle tones?

Your brand message can be as bold and intense or as soft and relaxed as you want. Your choice of colors, gloss level, size and placement are all wide open. 

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