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JBL-Decade-NP01I came across this brilliant aluminum nameplate while browsing through the sample area of our Design Studio.

One of the interesting elements of this part is its unique shape. It takes the standard rectangle logo with debossed graphics and enhances it with a bold triangular background decorated with an interesting patina pattern. 

Another aspect is the crisp detail and emphasis given to the "DECADE" branding with diamond cut graphics. The bright silver contrasts just enough with the golden tones of the rest of the nameplate without taking away from the corporate logo itself.

This is a great example of taking existing brand identification and kicking it up a notch for a special edition. It draws attention to the brand and adds an unexpected aspect in shape and decoration. The options for patterns on aluminum are wide open.

Want to explore more options of patina finishes which could be incorporated into your design? Check out the latest Surface Collection eBook!

Micro Surface Collection eBook - Aluminum Finishes

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