Two Ways to Create Dimensional Nameplates

It is common for a dimensional look to be part of nameplate design. While standard printing processes can provide a visual dimension sometimes that is not enough. When this is the case you can review for custom tooling to include an emboss or deboss operation which will result in both visual and physical dimension for your aluminum nameplate or badge.  


Explore options in embossing aluminum to create dimensional nameplates for product identification. The embossing process uses a metal die to create a three-dimensional image in metal by squeezing the metal and raising the image. It is one of the final steps in manufacturing a nameplate or label. All brushing, spinning and printing is applied to the sheet of metal prior to the embossing operation. A topcoat protects the decoration during the tooling operations. Precise registration of printed decoration to embossed details is achieved through a combination of printers marks and guides.


Debossing uses a metal die to create a recessed image in aluminum. Options include recessing graphics or raising the background area leaving the graphics at original height giving the effect of recessed graphics. Debossing is basically the embossing process used to create recessed graphics. Special considerations need to be taken into account when choosing an attachment method for debossed nameplates to assure good adhesion.



The nameplates below both illustrate an emboss and deboss. The deboss is emphasized with a high gloss contrast color while the emboss is original surface. Both of these nameplates have multi-levels of dimension to them which adds interest and helps them stand out among competition.

Emboss Deboss Nameplates
Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2011 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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