How is an Aluminum Nameplate Made?

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Nameplates, labels and badges are custom manufactured to meet your design and product specifications.  Standard processes are combined in an endless number of ways to create durable attractive product identification.  Aluminum is decorated in a flat sheet.  Embossing and stamping are the final operations in the  manufacturing process.  Typical processes involved in manufacturing an aluminum nameplate include:  

sheet prep - uncoil, level, wash and shear
brush - selective or overall
litho - opaque or transparent color, (used for critical registration)
screen - opaque, transparent or metallic colors and texture
coat - protective barrier against the environment
punch press - emboss, form, blank
inspect & pack - layer pack, cell pack, blank on tape, pack in strip

Additional nameplate and label process options include spin, diamond cut, dome and aluminum in-mold.  Our designers are available to help guide you through the manufacturing options and processes for your nameplate.  We offer concept drawings and samples to help you explore the possibilities for your brand.

Nameplates are used on appliances, electronics, cosmetics, sporting equipment, medical devices and on many other products.  Size ranges from very small to very large.  All are custom manufactured whether an order for two-hundred or two-million.  Other metal substrate options include steel and brass.  Flexible plastic label options include polycarbonate, polyester and vinyl.

What will you do?  How would you build your brand image with a nameplate?

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