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Earth-Day-Image-1Happy Earth Day 2015!

Across the globe April 22 is the day used to promote the importance of taking responsibility for the impact we all have on the environment. ISO 14001:2004 focuses on specific systems to allow a company to put in place a policy to be followed across production activities.

Each year there are objectives and targets established which are designed as part of continual improvement. Below is a summary of what is expected for this year from our facilities. See our Environmental Management System page for more details.

2015 Environmental Objectives 

  • Improve plant product yield 
  • Reduce facility energy use
  • Reduce facility solid waste generation
  • Reduce risk of mercury release from mercury switches in production washers

Any way you look at it, the importance of taking care of this great planet that we inhabit is a big deal. When searching for a supplier for your aluminum nameplate or plastic label take a look at their policies and action items. 

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