When a Brass Nameplate is Needed

Solid Brass Nameplates

A solid brass nameplate is one alternative to aluminum when designing a nameplate.  A situation when customers require a brass nameplate is when there is brass elsewhere on the product and the brass nameplate helps to continue a consistent look across the product.  Brass nameplates are also used when there is an exposed edge on the nameplate and a silver aluminum edge would be objectionable.  Using a brass substrate means the edge of the part will match the surface of the nameplate.

Many of the processes available for decorating other metal substrates can be used when working with brass nameplates.  Standard process include screen printing, etching, stamping and forming.

A consideration when working with brass is that embossing fine characters will result in graphics which are not as defined as embossing those same characters on aluminum.  The emboss will not be as sharp or as crisp.  An option to sharpen the look of embossed graphics on brass is to diamond cut the graphics.  Corrosion can also be concern when using a brass nameplate.  Although the face of the nameplate is coated with a protective topcoat, the edges or sides of the nameplate are raw brass which can corrode.  Additional considerations when designing a brass nameplate are that there is an increased cost and increased weight associated with the substrate.

Simulated Brass Nameplates

A simulated brass look can also be achieved on an aluminum nameplate.  A transparent tint of a brass color is applied to bright or brushed aluminum giving the appearance of brass.  The nameplate can be embossed and formed as needed.

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