Aluminum Nameplates with a Stainless Steel Look

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Aluminum is a versatile substrate offering great flexibility in options for forming and decorating nameplates.  This flexibility in decorating means transparent tints of color can be applied to aluminum giving it the appearance of other metal substrates such as brass or stainless steel.  A stainless steel look is in demand for many large and small appliances.  The ability to decorate aluminum with a mechanical brush and stainless steel tint of color means that product designers have options when creating the nameplate for their stainless steel appliances.

Electrolux ICON nameplate

There are advantages to working with an aluminum substrate.  Embossed aluminum graphics are sharper and crisper than embossed stainless steel graphics.  Aluminum has increased formability compared to stainless steel.  In addition, aluminum nameplates are an economic option with a wider variety of decorating options than stainless steel nameplates.  Aluminum is also a lighter substrate.

Frigidaire Nameplate Kenmore Elite Nameplate

Aluminum nameplates are often used on large and small appliances to created the stainless steel look for the product.  A pressure sensitive adhesive makes application to the final product easy.

Maytag Nameplate KitchenAid Nameplate

The stainless steel look on aluminum has also been used in large appliance panels and aluminum in-mold appliance trim.  What other products or applications might be appropriate for the stainless steel look on aluminum?

Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels