Individual Letters Create Unique Motorcycle Label


Have you ever wondered how a brand label with individual letters is assembled? If so, we have your answer!

Whether your label application is a flat or formed surface, or an interior or exterior environment, labels with individual letters are a great option.  So, what makes the assembly a breeze? A mask is applied to the surface of the label for placement on the end product, and allows for critical alignment.

Some benefits to creating a label with individual letters include:

  • no distracting bridge between letters
  • nameplate floats on the background color of the product without needing to adjust the background color of the nameplate for each color in the product line

Nameplates made up of individual letters mean there is no longer a need to color key the background of your nameplate to the final product. This can reduce the amount of part numbers required to be kept in inventory. This option also eliminates the need for a bridge between letters or islands which can detract from the overall appearance of your brand.

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