Yamaha ATV Nameplate with Individual Letters

Individual Graphics Nameplate

Yamaha Necodome nameplate

Recreational equipment requires durable solutions to product branding needs.  These nameplates are in outdoor environments where they are exposed to gasoline, oil, UV light and scratches. This ATV nameplate is manufactured using the NECODome process resulting in a robust nameplate with individual letters and a matte chrome surface.  The required height or depth of the letters on this application was .060". The NECODome process offers graphics in various depths and durometers to meet product branding needs.  A mask carrier is used for placement on the ATV.  The critical alignment of the letters is inherent to the NECODome process.   

What are some of your requirements or needs for product branding on recreational equipment?  How would you push the boundaries of the NECODome process for your nameplate needs?

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