Cost Effective Nameplates with Individual Letters

NECODome is an option for creating plastic nameplates with individual letters.  This process involves a layering of materials to create a dimensional graphic.  The result is a flexible nameplate with a flat back that can be applied to a contoured surface.  NECODome nameplates are available in different thicknesses and hardnesses.  The letters can be softly rounded or flat. 


The NECODome coolsculpting nameplate has the look of a brushed metal.  The softly rounded letters compliment the flowing script.  A placement mask and pressure sensitive adhesive are used for placement on the final product.


This version of the nameplate uses the NECODome process to create a color high-gloss look for their brand.  The nameplate is complementary to the wide variety of colors it may be applied to.


Nameplates made up of individual letters mean there isn't the need to color key the background of your nameplate to the final product.  This can reduce the amount of part numbers required to be kept in inventory.  This option also eliminates the need for a bridge between letters or islands which can detract from the overall appearance of your brand.


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