Top 10 Nameplate Blog Posts of 2011

Being new to the company, I had so much fun researching the most popular nameplates. As shown, there are a wide range of topic areas and nameplate types, of which encompass many divisions of nameplates in the company. These results were derived from web analytics and click rates, which incorporated to create the Top 10 Nameplate Blog Posts of 2011.

Number 1

1. Harley Davidson Bar and Shield Emblem

The translation of this American icon's logo on to aluminum is a classic nameplate design that stands the test of time.

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2. Alienware Customized Metal Plaque

Alienware designed an aluminum plaque for the bottom of their laptop to be personalized for each customer.  The plaque announces the custom-built M15x is unique to only them.

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3. 9 Inspiring Harley Davidson Tank Badges

These 9 inspiring Harley-Davidson tank badge designs are printed on aluminum and embossed.  Bright and brushed aluminum are accented with diamond cut graphics in many of the badge designs.

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4. How to Create a Sandblast Finish on Aluminum: 3 Opions for Your Nameplate

The matte finish contrasts with bright aluminum creating a clean tone on tone look which coordinates with virtually any product.

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5. Harley Davidson Aluminum Nameplates for Product Differentiaion

To differentiate one model from another the designers at Harley-Davidson have used air cleaner inserts with a variety of finishes, colors and text.

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6. Screen Printed Metal Nameplates

The screen printing process is a standard process in the decoration of metal and plastic nameplates, labels and emblems.

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7. Innovative Cosmetic Packaging Design on Aluminum

This elegant design takes advantage of the authentic metal surface.

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8. Roll Coating Nameplates

Roll coating is the workhorse of aluminum decoration for automotive trim, appliance panels and nameplates.

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9. Design of Product Branding Nameplates

Designing your nameplate to be in alignment with your branding strategy strengthens your brand message in the marketplace.

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10. Coach Legacy Sripe Cosmetic Applique on Aluminum

Translating the Legacy design on to aluminum began with a custom color match of the eight colors used in the bold stripes.













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