Is that an Embossed Nameplate? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Illusions of Embossed Nameplates

One of the neat things that decorating aluminum offers is the ability to provide illusions. A shift in viewing angle or how light is reflected can give the appearance of a graphic being embossed. These illusions provide visual alternatives to custom emboss tools for nameplates and emblems. This post summarizes some of the decorating options that can be used. 

Mechanical Finishes

Mechanical finishes like spinning and brushing change the visual plane of the aluminum surface which result in shifting angles for reflection of light. This can give the appearance of dimension and height. The circular spin is a favorite choice for circle and oval shapes while brushing can be used for accent areas, or to follow horizontal and vertical lines of a design. 


Selective Texture

Screened texture that is applied to select graphics or text provides a slight height and tactile dimension. When texture is part of a background pattern, borders or graphics that are dropped out of that pattern can appear to stand up from the surface. 


Deep Etch

A chemical process where specific areas are etched away create dimension and a clean two-tone look for aluminum nameplates. 


Cost Effective Decoration for Aluminum Nameplates

Decorating processes exist to enhance nameplates with the most cost effective design possible. Incorporating mechanical finishes like brushed aluminum, including a screened texture or using a chemical deep etch process can achieve illusions of embossed aluminum. None of these are designed to replace the emboss tooling operation if the height is needed. Instead, these processes are intended for aesthetic and appearance elements which can help keep costs down.

Can your aluminum nameplate use one of these processes for visual dimension? Let's talk!

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels