Custom Color Match for Luxury Fragrance Appliqué

Color is a big deal for design teams in most industries. Color can evoke emotion and that spark to pick your product versus the next on the shelf. It makes sense when a specific color is called out for a product that the nameplate or label follow suit. This is what happened for a fragrance bottle appliqué.

T-Round-NP-01.jpgThe debossed soft pink signature color coupled with high gloss gold metal of this brand needed to be just right. The wrong shade of either color would have clashed with the rest of the packaging for the brand.

In this case two sizes for the aluminum emblem were called for so that they could be used on more than one size bottle for the fragrance. The appliqués
are placed into a recessed area perfectly set to their size and shape.

Love Relentlessly Tory Burch.jpgCustom color development can take a few tries before the right formula is identified. This is one example of why it is important to call out specific color targets. Doing so will help to ensure that your product branding matches the color direction you have chosen for your marketing efforts.

Once the right color is developed you can be confident that each order will follow that process and formula for consistency. There can be some variance in color from run to run. For this reason you will be asked to approve acceptable range so that quality parts are produced.

Color should not be an area of concern during product design. Over 100 years of producing nameplates and labels has ensured a reliable and trustworthy system to ensure your specific callouts are able to be met.  

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