Luxurious Transparent Tints on Domed Aluminum Nameplates

Transparent Tints on Aluminum Nameplates

Norlens On Tinted Aluminum

Transparent tints on aluminum nameplates allow the reflective trait of the metal to come through the color. Pastel colors on aluminum, when translated to be transparent, take on a glowing effect. This is an elegant way to enhance the background of a nameplate or appliqué with increased perceived value. 

Domed Aluminum Nameplates

Transparent tints take on a jeweled look with doming. Pastel colors can be seen as pieces of jade, quartz or pearls. This is perfect if you are looking to have your brand speak of luxury or you need a hint of glitz accent on your nameplate. 

More possibilities

Is that the end of possibilities for transparent colors? Absolutely not! It can be considered just the beginning. Combine with mechanical finishes like a spin, brush or engine stripe and automatically your nameplate has depth and movement.  

Ready to talk about adding transparent color or dome to your design? 

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