5 Signs Your Nameplate Needs a Facelift

your-logo-hereWhen to Redesign Your Nameplate?

How do you tell if it is time to consider updating your aluminum nameplate or plastic label? You are not alone in asking this question. In fact, it is one of the most common design centered inquiries. Let's take a look at 5 signs that you should update your nameplate. 

1. Your Logo Has Changed

Corporate branding sets the tone for every piece of advertising - including email signatures, letterhead and store displays. Logo changes can update font styles, change tag lines or revise colors. These types of changes are communicated with artwork files and can affect decorating options for nameplates as well as may involve revisions to stamping or emboss tools. You should expect to receive a cost review when artwork changes are submitted.

2. Your Company has Merged

Similar to a logo change, when a merger happens a natural course is to update branding. Review existing product in the field as well as new product designs to be sure that your emblems and labels reflect the new identity.

3. Your Competition has Updated Theirs

Being in tune to what your competitors use for brand identification is important. Is your product more or less recognizable because your competitor has updated their nameplate? Even if other products in the market have not gone through a facelift of their brand identification, take a look at how your message compares. 

4. Your Product has Matured

Many startup companies or first generation production launches use basic labels to showcase their company name or logo. As that product matures, there may be opportunity to dress up or enhance the emblem and increase perceived value for the product. 

5. Your Product Line has Expanded

Introducing additional items to your product line is a great opportunity to review your emblems and labels. Consider if your current design works as is for multiple models or if there needs to be some differentiation between them. A nameplate can build from one design to carry your brand message across products.

Your Nameplate = Extension of Your Brand

The decision to update a product nameplate or label does not need to be cause for worry. It is important to stay relevant in your target market and in tune with your corporate theme. Paying attention to how your competition is branding themselves also can be an indicator of opportunity to stand out. When product lines expand or value changes, there is opportunity to revamp your brand identification.

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