Pretty as a Picture - Colorful Art on Aluminum

Fine Color Detail with Lithography on Aluminum

Thinking about the upcoming Holiday season drums up all sorts of images in my head - pine cones and needles, poinsettia plants, jingle bells, candies and goodies, and of course Santa Claus. Each of these are captured in the artwork for a Holiday card from 1992. It's a traditional look at familiar items found in many of our homes during the season.

Even more intriguing than the seasonal images is how the decorating process of printing color with lithography provides the detail for each item. Shadows, depth, blending of colors - these are all possible for decoration on aluminum surfaces. The reflective quality of the metal makes a translucent green possible, framing the artwork. A brushed aluminum background provides the canvas. Selective white behind portions of the images creates a three dimensional look. 

Process Color on aluminum, colorful aluminum trim


The fine detail is possible when looking at the options for using color for your metal nameplates. You can let your imagination run wild and create product identification that becomes brand awareness, conjuring up warm feelings for your brand.

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