Subtle Contrast with Deep Etched Aluminum Nameplates

Deep Etch = Subtle Contrast and Depth for Aluminum Nameplates 

Deep etch aluminum nameplate, contrast etch and brushed aluminumMany times early design discussion for metal nameplates involves the subject of contrast. Subtle contrast between graphics and the background of metal nameplates is a common request. One way to achieve this is to combine brushed aluminum with deep etching. 

Deep etch is a chemical process to remove some of the surface of the aluminum, leaving those areas with a matte finish. It also provides slight depth without added tooling cost. Further cost savings can be realized with the use of a flat stock tool.


Considerations for Deep Etch Metal Nameplates

Some elements to keep in mind when you are looking to use deep etch for your aluminum nameplates are below. Communication early in the design stages helps to achieve the desired look of classic and subtle brand identification.

●  Standard tolerances of +/- .010" stroke and spacing for graphic files
●  Etch depth of approxmiately .005" 
●  Minimum .023" thickness of aluminum

Can your brand benefit from subtle contrast with etched graphics? Let's talk!

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