Fine Art Lithograph on Aluminum

Fine Art Prints on Metal

fine art on aluminum

Joseph Raffael, Spring Pond
screen print/lithograph on aluminum
33 x 23 in. - 82,5 x 57,5 cm

Over the years we have worked with several artists creating originals and prints on aluminum.  Spring Pond was the first print we worked with Joseph Raffael on.  The final art illustrates the versatility and flexibility of the aluminum substrate.  The value of aluminum is increased by how you choose to decorate it.  In this case it is elevated to the level of fine art.  The same processes employed to create a nameplate or automotive trim are used in prints on aluminum.  Using these processes can help you create aluminum trim to elevate the perceived value of your product.

process color on aluminum  4-Color process aluminum

process color fine art on aluminum  4 color process fine art on aluminum

Process color is used to reproduce the many varied colors in the original art.  This lithograph is layered with screen printing and selective brushing to add further depth to the image.