Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

Three dimensional finishes on aluminum are sporty and playful. These are the finishes that take geometric shapes and woven structures to another level. You will find the patterns used in backgrounds for interior automotive trim, boat trim, sporting goods and medical device nameplates.
Carbon fiber and woven or mesh finishes have been regular requests for aluminum trim and nameplates or badges for some time. It doesn't take long to see woven structures in decoration from boat trim or interior automotive trim and even sporting goods.
The Inspiration This woven wire mesh features thick bands of metal tightly wound with the tops being flattened creating oval shapes within the mesh. These ovals are layered over a wide flat band of metal.
Powerful aluminum surface decoration takes on the appearance of woven and stacked finishes, achieved with printed halftones and screened textures on black backgrounds.
New eBook Features Woven Structures Carbon fiber and woven mesh finishes have been regular requests for aluminum trim for some time. Automotive trim, marine dashboard panels, archery equipment, golf club nameplates and motorcycle trim have featured woven structures. Due to this continued interest, ...
Creating Four Distinct Looks Using Common Tools The Dodge Charger takes full advantage of the versatility of aluminum by updating the metal finish to create four distinct looks for unique interiors. Both the instrument panel and shifter bezel take advantage of the naturally reflective surface of ...