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Surface Collections   Woven FINALNew eBook Features Woven Structures

Carbon fiber and woven mesh finishes have been regular requests for aluminum trim for some time. Automotive trimmarine dashboard panels,  archery equipment, golf club nameplates and motorcycle trim have featured woven structures. Due to this continued interest, a selection of Surface Collections has been compiled and is now available. 

Explore the possibilities:

●   Layered Brushes and Spins
●   Visual Depth
●   Precise Registration
●   Textured Dimension

Woven Structures 

Brushed aluminum with subtle halftones and texture create dimensional woven surfaces. 

Conversation Piece
Woven surfaces created using layers of brushing, color and texture on aluminum

Carbon fiber transparent tints coordinated with selective brushing or spinning 

Appearance of woven and stacked finishes achieved with printed halftones and screened textures on black backgrounds. 


Woven aluminum finishes combine with precise technical structures for dimension and depth.

Soft Tech
Layers of brushed aluminum and textures add movement to give appearance of woven wire.

Carbon fiber structures emphasized and deepened with brushed aluminum.

Technical feel created with textures, tints and brushed aluminum.

Attractive blending of hand-crafted papers and industrial woven meshes translated onto aluminum

Blend of brushed aluminum with satin blacks and warm tints. 


This free resource is provided for inspiration and ideally will spur some conversations as you work through your next project. Any of the finishes shown are customizable in size and color. They can also be reviewed for translation and interpretation to other substrates like stainless steel and polycarbonate. You are invited to download a copy for your own reference. Share with your clients and colleagues.

What other resources would be helpful for you?  Share your ideas below! 

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