Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

Understanding inspiration behind a finish, seeing how an idea is translated from concept to metal surface, illustrates the design process on aluminum. This article educates you on the inspiration and design of art deco aluminum match box covers.
Snowman and Snowflake Match Box Designs The winter series of match boxes feature an engine turned detail in the graphics contrasted with a metallic blue background. The simple process and clean designs effectively come together resulting in an attractive set of match boxes. Small areas of bright ...
Metal Match Box Covers The inspiration for this series of aluminum finishes comes from antique art deco wrought iron gates and doors. The symmetry and repetition in the lavish and opulent art deco style are interpreted on to aluminum creating an elegant and stylish look.
Knurled Patterns Knurled finishes on aluminum are one of our most popular metal finishes. Knurling is a visually attractive diamond shaped pattern cut or rolled into metal. This pattern allows you to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the original smooth metal surface.