Knurled Finishes on Aluminum Trim

Knurled Patterns

Knurled finishes on aluminum are one of our most popular metal finishes.  Knurling is a visually attractive diamond shaped pattern cut or rolled into metalThis pattern allows you to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the original smooth metal surface. 

knurled finish 

Many designers have looked to knurled surfaces for inspiration when creating patterns for aluminum trim or nameplates.  The pattern is a familiar industrial surface with a look of precision and detail.

knurled aluminum finish knurled aluminum finish knurled aluminum finish

The crisp diamond effect on actual knurled metal is duplicated in knurled aluminum finishes.  The decorative finishes are achieved through a combination of selective brushing and printing.  A texture is printed on the metal to mimic the texture of knurled metal.  The theme can be varied by changing the contrast or the scale of the pattern.

Northern Engraving knurled aluminum finish matchbox Northern Automotive Systems knurled aluminum finish matchbox

We have integrated the knurled finish into our aluminum match box covers.  The finish is complemented with printed borders and a low gloss brushed aluminum surface.  The logo is embossed and features phalynx diamond cut graphics.  The fine diamond shape in the diamond cut logo repeats the diamond theme in the knurled finish. 

knurled aluminum finish on a nameplate

The knurled aluminum surface makes this flat nameplate stand out.  The pattern has a texture which contrasts with the bright aluminum border and the matte aluminum background in the center of the nameplate.

I think knurled finishes on aluminum are most successful when applied selectively and accented with other aluminum finishes.  The knurled effect would also make an attractive trim piece.  How can you see these finishes used?