Art Deco Aluminum Match Box Covers

Metal Match Box Covers

art deco aluminum matchboxes

The inspiration for this series of aluminum finishes comes from antique art deco wrought iron gates and doors.  The symmetry and repetition in the lavish and opulent art deco style are interpreted on to aluminum creating an elegant and stylish look. 

art deco matchbox

The surfaces combine mechanical finishes, litho printing and screen printing on aluminum.  The art deco finishes emphasize the metal character of the aluminum match box covers.

art deco aluminum matchbox

Mechanical finishes add movement to the finishes.  A printed mask allows the brush or spin to be applied selectively to the aluminum surface.  The mask is washed off after brushing revealing bright aluminum.  Layers of transparent and opaque color are then printed on the aluminum.

art deco matchbox art deco matchbox aluminum

Gradations of color are litho printed to add further depth and detail to the finishes.

aluminum matchbox art decoart deco aluminum matchbox

The final layers of printing involve adding low gloss details to the aluminum and printing a texture. This adds to the opulent art deco finish visually.  It also give the aluminum match box cover a nice tactile quality. 

The visually rich character of art deco, its use of metal and its bold stepped forms and sweeping curves are fertile grounds for inspiration in the decoration of these aluminum match box covers.  How might the art deco inspiration be applied to other surfaces or decorative trim?