Serene and Ghosted Aluminum Finishes

Decorative Metal Trim

Recently we featured finishes from the second half of our trend presentation in our email newsletter.  One of our theme or mood boards, Invincible, was of particular interest to many who received the aluminum surface update.  This article features the slideshow covering our Invincible mood board.

The trend presentation is a series of seven mood boards developed around themes.  The first three themes focus on new mechanical finishes.  The remaining four themes focus on the use of mechanical process, color and texture to create finishes which are our interpretation of trends in the market.  All of the finishes are meant to be inspirational, a starting point for creating a surface for your trim or nameplate application. 

The presentation has been well received by designers in industries ranging from automotive and appliance to cosmetics and electronics. 

Invincible | Aluminum Finishes Mood Board

Surfaces take a technological approach combining mechanical finishes, electronically manipulated designs, layering of processes and multiple gloss levels.  Images focus on the man-made theme and are all the result of human endeavor whether special effects created electronically or taking inspiration from shibori.

Would you like to see these finishes and the rest of our trend presentation?  Contact us to receive samples of some of the finishes or request a presentation of all the aluminum finishes.