Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

The Fractal Surface Collection features classic diamond shapes translated with a modern twist into dimensional patterns on aluminum surfaces. 3D texture adds a tactile element while contrasting gloss levels provide distinction.
The Contoured Surface Collection showcases the beauty and simplicity of folded metal designs translated onto aluminum. Organic woodgrain-like structures in a stainless steel finish result in subtle elegance.
Linear formations which are broken or interrupted have been common themes in what we have seen at auto shows, houseware exhibits and textile showcases. It makes sense that this carries over into requests for development of finishes on aluminum for decorative trim to incorporate the same structures.
This selection of aluminum patterns builds on the natural silver color of aluminum with brushing, halftones and textures. The resulting geometric structures have movement and visual depth which create an energetic feel. Enjoy!
This summer finishes from Surface Collections have been compiled into design ebooks. The latest Silver Surface Collection has received hundreds of views and downloads. Thank you! Expect to see more in the near future! Share your ideas and wish lists below for your favorite aluminum finishes.
Here is a compilation of 30 of the most popular silver finishes on aluminum. Enjoy!
Abstract expressionism was the inspiration behind the most recent aluminum surface collection. As an American post-World War II art movement, it acheived worldwide influence and put New York City at the center of the western art world. The term abstract expressionism evolved in American art in 1946.